Founded by Giuseppe Volpe in 1966, IGV Group is worldwide renowned for the design and production of IGV DomusLift lifting platforms and lifts with reduced pit and headroom. IGV Group exports more than 70 countries 85% of its total production. These small homelifts designed and manufactured Made in Italy are conceived ideally for small sized indoor and outdoor spaces and they allow you to rediscover the pleasure of moving free from the stairs. The IGV Domuslift is certified in compliance with the highest European Standards CE Marked, European Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and Class A energy by the certification bodies: TÜV SÜD and IMQ.


Flexible Installation

DomusLift, the made-to measure solution for any space



Choose Your DomusLift Size

Xs - Extra Small



XL-Extra Large

Elegance and Style
The special models MADE WITH SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS, Liberty with Trend mosaic, Light-Touch by Giugiaro Architettura, Leather, Carbon, Chrome, Classic and Art Line, add exclusive style and elegance, while enhancing any environment.

DomusLift Classic

DomusLift Chrome

DomusLift made with Swarovski Elements

DomusLift Art - Limited Edition

DomusLift Leather

DomusLift Art Line

DomusLift by Giugiaro Architettura

DomusLift Liberty

Fully Automatic

The DomusLift is a modern, state-of-the-art solution for floor-to-floor mobility within your house. Our custom residential elevator is equipped with automatic sliding powered doors which ensure high passenger safety, easy fingertip convenience and a superior aesthetic result. This elevator system will offer you a comfortable and safe ride at any time without disturbing the atmosphere of your home.

Advanced Safety

Choosing a DomusLift means choosing a solution that exceeds the requirements of the safety code for residential elevators. In addition to standard safety features, the DomusLift home elevator offers several safety enhancements such as clearance guards, solid cab door with no gap between cab door and hoistway, and light curtains to ensure maximum protection, even to the less experienced user.



Green lifts in the DomusLift range are energy efficient and provide reduced energy consumption in line with IGV Group environmentally friendly vision.

DomusLift energy efficient lifts are easy to install and suitable for small spaces. DomusLift also as green elevators easily connect to any 230V mains supply and energy consumption is like a standard domestic appliance.

In standby, DomusLift green lifts reduce energy consumption close to zero (0.031kW), while keeping maximum performance.

Electric Gearless with Counterweight DomusLift
 Up to 400 kg
 7 max
 0.15 m/s
 20 m
 200 mm
2500/2600 mm
* Extremely silent (50dBA)
* Minimum Consumptions (0.031 kW in standby)

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