A heavy-duty elevator for buildings with demanding requirements for service and goods transport

Product information


The powerful and high-performance KONE TranSys™ elevator solution is ideal for multitude of demanding vertical freight transportation tasks in a variety of buildings: supermarkets, shopping malls, airports, warehouses, hospitals, hotels, industrial plants, and offices.


  • Description: Machine room-less elevator for new buildings
  • Max. Speed: 1.0 m/s
  • Max. travel: 40 m
  • Max. load: 4000 kg
  • Max. persons: Up to 53
  • Max. elevators in group: 4


  • An extensive range of load capacities and car sizes to suit any needs
  • Three signalization series to choose from
  • Material and accessory options designed for style and to stand up to many years of heavy use
  • A solid set of standard features specially designed to goods transportation requirements

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