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Our skilled and experienced team to ensure the elevators, escalators, homelifts and dumbwaiters are installed, testing and commissioning strictly accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations, thorough safety and performance inspections before handover. A quality service with the excellent ride comfort, safety and reliability of the equipment is our top priority.


We service KONE elevators, KONE escalators and other manufacturers such as homelifts (IGV DomusLift and NOVA Suite Lift) and Metallschneider SKG dumbwaiters. The starting point is an understanding of your maintenance requirements, so that we can provides the most suitable maintenance solution for you. Maintenance is performed for each technical module of the equipment at the correct intervals. This ensures quality and end-user safety and minimizes equipment downtime.

24/7 Hours Customer Care Centre

24/7 support for our customer and end-user, to follow through services requests from receiving call for Service Repair, Call-out Service, Enhanced Call-out and Entrapment Rescue Service.

During Office Hours: 279 0037 / 279 0038

After Office Hours: 873 6268 / 874 6268

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